Core states: Core states are a cluster of positive internal emotions – feelings of inner peace, love, security, safety, being, connected, respected… all can be internally achieved by everyone. People change their negative life through core transformation. As people willingly change their states positively, their life changes positively. Core state is considered as a pool of life-energy. In core states, we gain our energy for living and working, enabling us to take on challenges in our lives. Core transformation brings positive human changes.

Living wisdom: Everyone has resources to live up to in life. As people change their negative mental programs, they change their lives for the better. Negative mental programs refer to those negative thinking patterns that (as virus in computer) are hindering us towards our ideal functioning. They put us in a negative state and locked up our resources hindering a better life. Awareness is the first step to shut down this negative loop. Wisdom-thinking (or Living wisdom) enables people to be aware of their choices and resources.

Working flow: We have a positive view on “working” for it brings people enjoyment and actualization. SWB is enhanced as people experience their ideal functioning. As people break through their limits of homeostasis, they experience welcome feelings like joy. Such enjoyment would bring people personal growth and long-term happiness (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000).

A harmonious community with balanced ecology: Harmony is an important factor towards both individual and collective well being. Our association is working for peaceful and harmonious relationships. We raise the importance of ecology – impacts on the “inner-self”, “others”, “natural environments”, “nations” and “planet”. The planet is considered as a great community we live in. Harmonious community implies various harmonious relationships – in family, schools, companies, communities… We believe that our SWB can be enhanced in a harmonious community.